Server Rules


1). No blocking caves. You can build in them, but you may not block the entrance or Artifacts or beacons.

2). No blocking Obelisks, they must be accessible without any extensive means.

3). No disrespecting griefing/lying to staff or fellow server members.

4). No disturbing the peace, this includes anything that disrupts chat or normal gameplay. (This is an extreme case)

5). No openly arguing with staff. Private message them instead.

6). No building or blocking off near spawn point areas. (No Warning Bases will be wiped!)

7). No leaving knocked out dinos everywhere (Tribe Dinos will be wiped!)

8). No Public Teleporters for more than 24 Hours! (Tribe will be removed without warning!)

9). No offensive names in chat or tribe names

10). No taking massive amounts of land, this includes inside caves. (Take only what you need).

11). No picking up players without their consent.

12). No reserving land (i.e. Using pillars/foundations/gates/walls/etc. to prevent someone from building their base, or to prevent resource spawns).

13). Tribes are only allowed a maximum of two bases anymore tribe will be wiped by staff.

14). No blocking builds. This means that no player(s) can build so close to someone else's base to hinder the expansion of that person's base.

15). Do not build a base that is not used. Ex: Do not log into the server to get the timers back to full. They will be removed by admins!